Favorite things for 25-36 months

Have you heard about the terrible twos? This age does not have to be terrible; though at times, you might be terrified. Yes, two year olds can be tiny tyrants: demanding their way and saying “no” to everything. They’re also incredibly curious and silly. If you can meet their curiosity with wonder and their silliness with fun, you’ll both have a great time. At two years old: Your kiddo should be walking confidently and learning to run, too; walking up and down stairs holding on to a rail; and climbing up and down on furniture.

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Favorite things for 13-24 months

The best toys for 1-year-olds are those that stimulate their senses, foster their cognitive, emotional, and social development, and promote their creativity and imagination. Light the candle! Your baby is 1 year old, but other than cakes to smash, what else can your baby play with now? As your baby grows into a toddler their curiosity and need for exploration also grows. The right toys serve as tools in a child’s “job” of play.

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Did you know babies can play?

…as soon as babies figure out that they can move and interact with things in their environment, they will love exploring infant-friendly toys! Congratulations! You’ve had a baby. Now you will ask yourself, maybe for the first time, but definitely not the last, “What do I do with this kid?” The first 3 months can be a bit of a blur or a slog or some sort of combo: a blurring slog or a slogging blur.

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