Our Mission

We aim to increase enriching, interactive play -- and reduce sedentary screen-time -- by empowering parents with information, play coaching, and affordable access to toys-as-tools.

  • Reduce screen time
  • Increase developmentally-benefical play
  • Coach caregivers on enriching play
  • Ensure access to quality toys

children’s screen time

An increasing body of research suggests excessive screen usage by young children may be related to missed developmental milestones. Additionally, children tend to stay still and not move around as much when using screens.

play is important

Kids learn through play. Open, exloratory play is how children discover the world around them. When kids do not spend enough time playing – due to screen time or too much focus on “education” (letters, colors, etc.) they do not have the same opportunities to learn about their world.


By providing media and materials to help caregivers promote enriching play, we facilitate increased play, strengthen bonds, and give families alternatives to screen time.

Research Highlights

Here’s a small sampling of the research upon which we’re basing play-day.

From our blog

We write about childhood development, play, screen-time, and how parents can help their kids develop communication skills.

We Need to Talk About Screens

By Markie on February 26, 2023

A hypothesis: If screens helped children learn to talk, and screen usage increased over the Covid-19 pandemic, then, today’s toddlers would have better language skills than expected. In fact, the opposite is true. “Covid babies” babble less and take fewer conversational turns source Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by the screen time guidelines put out by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)? Go ahead and put both hands up if you’ve got a covid baby or two.

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Favorite things for 25-36 months

By Markie on February 21, 2023

Have you heard about the terrible twos? This age does not have to be terrible; though at times, you might be terrified. Yes, two year olds can be tiny tyrants: demanding their way and saying “no” to everything. They’re also incredibly curious and silly. If you can meet their curiosity with wonder and their silliness with fun, you’ll both have a great time. At two years old: Your kiddo should be walking confidently and learning to run, too; walking up and down stairs holding on to a rail; and climbing up and down on furniture.

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Favorite things for 13-24 months

By Markie on February 17, 2023

The best toys for 1-year-olds are those that stimulate their senses, foster their cognitive, emotional, and social development, and promote their creativity and imagination. Light the candle! Your baby is 1 year old, but other than cakes to smash, what else can your baby play with now? As your baby grows into a toddler their curiosity and need for exploration also grows. The right toys serve as tools in a child’s “job” of play.

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Did you know babies can play?

By Markie on February 16, 2023

…as soon as babies figure out that they can move and interact with things in their environment, they will love exploring infant-friendly toys! Congratulations! You’ve had a baby. Now you will ask yourself, maybe for the first time, but definitely not the last, “What do I do with this kid?” The first 3 months can be a bit of a blur or a slog or some sort of combo: a blurring slog or a slogging blur.

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